Who are the sysadmins in SQL Server?

Sysadmins are pretty much powerful in the SQL Server environment. They can put the whole SQL Server infrastructure under their control. That said, it is important to know who else has this fixed server role.

Here’s a quick query that you can run to find out the users with sysadmin fixed server role. Sysadmins have a complete control of your server. So, it is very important to know who these people are.


USE master
SELECT  p.name AS [loginname] ,
        p.type ,
        p.type_desc ,
        CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),p.create_date ,101) AS [created],
        CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),p.modify_date , 101) AS [update]
FROM    sys.server_principals p
        JOIN sys.syslogins s ON p.sid = s.sid
        -- Logins that are not process logins
        AND p.name NOT LIKE '##%'
        -- Logins that are sysadmins
        AND s.sysadmin = 1
Review the results and start taking away sysadmin rights.